Sam Theft Auto


Help Sam purchase the game of his dreams by raising $9.99 to buy the astounding game, Hired Ops®*! However, the only way to get that kind of money is to murder and rob the citizens of Berlin-Game!

*Disclaimer: Hired Ops is property of AbsolutSoft, and WE ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH IT IN ANY WAY. Any characters represented in this game are "Purely"  Fictional! This program is not intended for commercial use.

Color Run


A 3D platformer  filled with copyrighted music, unfunny image macros, ear rape, and strobe lights. The king has tasked you with saving your country by finding the Cube of Power! Use it to eliminate the dark forces that are threatening the balance of the universe, while navigating through a perilous landscape of obsticles, enemies, and floating platforms!! Can you, despite all odds, complete your journey??????????

Hong Kong 97


The "classic"  shoot em up game, now playable in your browser. You guide Chin, a distant relative of Bruce Lee, as he protects Hong Kong from the commies, who are flooding in from mainland china. I don't own the real hong kong 97, this is fan made. Plz don't sue me.